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Warning Traffic Signs
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Most types of Warning Traffic Signs outside of North America are triangle-shaped, featuring a Red border that symbolizes a potential danger or situation up ahead that will require extra caution by the motorist, plus a symbol in Black that represents the particular danger or situation that the motorist is likely to encounter.

Some common types of Warning Traffic Signs available are:
- Speed Hump Ahead
- Cattle Crossing
- Crossroads Ahead
- Right Curve Ahead
- Left Curve Ahead
- Slippery Road Ahead
- Steep Hill Ascent Ahead
- Steep Hill Descent Ahead
- School Children Crossing Ahead
- Traffic Signals Ahead

Specifications of Warning Traffic Signs:
- Aluminium substrate, nominal thickness 0.08"
- 27" width x 24" height (triangular signs)
- 3M High Intensity Prismatic reflective Scotchlite sheeting
- Symbols and graphics are 3M electro-cut (EC) films.

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Option: If you prefer screen-printed signs (with 3M inks instead of EC films) . . .
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- the type of Warning sign
- dimensions of each type of sign
- quantity of each type of Warning sign.

Prices quoted in US Dollars.