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U-Channel "Rib-back" Sign Posts
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The unique patented 'rib-back' design of these U-Channel sign posts provides 25% more strength and wind-load capacity than other U-channel posts on the market. And the higher carbon content of these U-Channel 'rib-back' sign posts offers the breakaway characteristics needed to lessen injury and damage if a motor vehicle crashes into a sign post.

Features and Specifications of U-channel 'rib-back' sign posts:
- Manufactured from the finest high-carbon new billet steel (Grade SP-80), at 80,000 psi minimum yield, and 100,000 psi minimum tensile strength. Conforms to the mechanical requirements of ASTM A-499 and the chemical requirements of ASTM A-1.
- Hot-dip zinc-coated galvanized finish (ASTM A-123).
- Sign mounting holes are 3/8” diameter, on 1” centers. Other hole sizes and spacings available upon special order.
- Ribbed-back contact points are flush surfaces for secure attachment of traffic signs.
10-foot, 12-foot, 14-foot lengths available. Other lengths available on special order.
- Post weight densities (i.e., size) at 2 lbs/foot, and 3 lbs/foot.
- Also available in Green, as either a baked-on 2mm enamel finish, or polyester powder-coated finish. Other colors available on special order. Minimum order quantities may apply.

Benefits of U-channel sign posts:
- Fast, easy installation.
- No post hole digging needed.
- Posts easily driven into ground with conventional tools. Tapered ends available upon request for an additional cost.

To order: U-channel Post, 10-ft, 2 lbs/ft size, Green enameled finish.
Contact us via e-mail for a Quotation, and please provide your shipping address.
Posts and freight from southern USA will be quoted in US Dollars. 
Please Note:  Minimum order quantity is 50 posts of a particular size.

For other sizes and finishes of U-channel posts: Click here.
Please specify the following information in the Quote form . . .
Type of finish: ( ) Galvanized ( ) Baked-on enamel ( ) Polyester powder-coat
Length: ( ) 8-feet ( ) 10-feet ( ) 12-feet ( ) 14-feet
Weight Density: ( ) 2 lbs/ft ( ) 3 lbs/ft
Quantity: [ ]

Minimum order quantity is 50 posts of a particular size.