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Alkyd Traffic Paint is a medium speed-drying, solvent-based paint for marking of highways, car park lots, crosswalks, stop bars, and legends.
Suitable for application on bituminous and concrete roadways.
Typical coverage is 320 feet of 4” stripe at 15 mils thickness, or 400 feet of 4” stripe at 12 mils, or 480 feet of 4” stripe at 10 mils.
Available in Yellow, supplied in 5-gallon (US gal.) pails.
Glass beads (i.e., 'spheres') can be dropped on during application of paint to create retro-reflectivity of the pavement markings. Glass beads sold separately.

To order: Yellow Alkyd Traffic Paint.
Scroll below to the 'Order' form. Prices are in US Dollars.
Freight will be quoted separately.