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Security Stickers
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The types of 'security' stickers (i.e., decals) custom-printed to your specifications are:
- Vehicle Registration stickers – for affixing to interior of vehicle windscreen.
- Vehicle License Renewal stickers – for affixing to License Plates.
- Vehicle Safety Inspection stickers – for affixing to interior of vehicle windscreen.
- Boat Registration stickers – for affixing to hull of boat.
- Mooring Registration stickers – for affixing to floating mooring.
“Third Number Plate” stickers – reflective, for affixing to interior of a vehicle’s rear window. Numeric or alpha-numeric serial numbers match the registration marks of the vehicle’s License Plates. Made by 3M Company.

Features of Security stickers (i.e., decals):
- Watermarks or holograms in the reflective sheeting to deter counterfeiting.
- Specialty films or coatings that will leave evidence of tampering and subsequent sticker disintegration, thus deterring theft.
- Sequential numbering of stickers for inventory and registration control.
- Bar-coding for tracking purposes.
- Adhesives ranging from temporary removable to permanent.
- Several type of finished formats such as in rolls, packaged individually in poly envelopes, in sheets with perforated edges.

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- Purpose or type of Sticker
- Quantity required
- Suggested colors
- Dimensions of Sticker (inches or mm)
- Sticker material: Reflective sheeting ( ) Vinyl film, non-reflective ( ) Other ( )
- Any additional Information.

Freight will be quoted separately.
Prices quoted in US Dollars.