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Round (tubular) Sign Posts
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The round (i.e., tubular) style of sign post is often the preferred choice for towns and cities, as the round shape is considered more aesthetic in appearance. Round sign posts have the best shape for breakaway systems since the metal is dispersed equally in all directions upon impact from a motor vehicle crash. Posts are available in both galvanized steel and aluminum alloy.

To order: Round Sign Post, 12-ft length, 2 3/8" o.d., 16-guage, galvanized.
Contact us via e-mail for a Quotation, and please provide your shipping address. 
Posts and freight will be quoted in US Dollars. 
Please Note:  Minimum order quantity is 50 posts of a particular size.

For other sizes: Click here.
Please provide the following information . . .
Metal Substrate: ( ) Aluminum ( ) Galvanized Steel
Length: ( ) 12-ft ( ) 14-ft
Outside Diameter: ( ) 2 3/8” ( ) 2 7/8”
Quantity: [ ]
Note: Minimum order quantity is 50 posts of a particular size.

Net Prices of Posts quoted in US Dollars.
Freight from southern USA will be quoted separately.