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High Performance Pavement Repair Material, commonly referred to as 'cold patch', is formulated for the patching of potholes, cracks or utility cuts on roads. This product is an approved material in the Roads departments of all US states and Canadian provinces. ‘Cold Patch’ is also classified as non-hazardous, as storm water run-off from repaired road surfaces will not contaminate ground water supplies or aquifers.

Multiple features and benefits of 'cold patch' Pavement Repair:
- Easy to apply on bituminous or concrete surfaces.
- Ready for vehicular traffic immediately after compaction.
- Remains pliable after application, allowing the material to continue filling in small voids and crevices from continued vehicular compaction.
- Compaction can be done by “throw and go”, hand tamping, plate compactor or jumping jack and by other tools.
- Available in 50-pound poly bags. Large volume orders available by the ton.

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Unit price is for a 50-lb bag, in US Dollars.
Freight will be quoted separately.