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Directional Traffic Signs
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Directional traffic signs are square or rectangular, and usually with a Blue or Green background. Text and arrows are generally in White.

Directional traffic signs are custom fabricated to your particular locale, as they indicate the name of the city, town or community up ahead, the direction to take, as well as the distance in miles or kilometres to the destination.

Specifications of Directional Traffic Signs:
- Aluminium substrate, nominal thickness 0.08".
- Dimensions will vary.
- 3M High Intensity Prismatic reflective Scotchlite sheeting.
- Symbols and graphics are 3M electro-cut (EC) films.

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Please indicate the following information . . .
- text and layout of each sign
- dimensions of each sign
- quantity of each sign
- type of 3M reflective Scotchlite sheeting.

Freight will be quoted separately.
Prices quoted in US Dollars.