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Ceramic Raised Pavement Marker, 6" Round
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Ceramic Raised Pavement Markers from PERMARK are for permanent installation on motorways, urban streets, car park lots and other paved surfaces. Ceramic Raised Pavement Markers control traffic flow by marking lanes and other traffic lines. They also improve road safety by being highly visible and by creating an attractive orderly appearance to roadways.

Ceramic Raised Pavement Markers of 6" round diameter serve mainly as 'Channel Markers'. They are especially suited for high volume vehicular traffic in residential and commercial areas where vehicles will often cut corners, thus knocking down signs and damaging personal property such as mailboxes. Installing these 6" round Channel Markers in a line some distance from the road or street curb will avoid this problem. Motorists can clearly see these Channel Markers, resulting in vehicular traffic moving at a safer angle and pace, with less chance of damage to curbs, traffic signs and personal property.

6" round Channel Markers are available in White or Yellow.
Choice of non-reflective, one-way reflective, or two-way reflective.

Contact us for a pallet-load price (quantity of 720).

Manufactured in the USA and shipped from the southern USA.
Freight will be quoted upon request, based on your desired quantity.

Prices available upon request for Yellow, and for non-reflective and one-way reflective.