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Jiggle Bar, 6" (for Bus Lane)
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Ceramic Raised Pavement Markers from PERMARK are for permanent installation on motorways, urban streets, car park lots and other paved surfaces. They control traffic flow by marking lanes and traffic lines. Ceramic Raised Pavement Markers also improve road safety by being highly visible and by creating an attractive orderly appearance to roads.

Jiggle Bars are used to create a 'rumble' effect so that cars and busses can stay in appropriate lanes. This improves safety, since motorists can hear the sound of driving over this type of marker instead of relying on seeing a painted line. Dimensions are 6" x 6" x 1".

Available in White or Yellow.
Choice of non-reflective, one-way reflective, or two-way reflective.

Contact us for a pallet-load price (quantity of 756).
Contact us for prices on Yellow and your choice of reflective or non-reflective option.
Manufactured in the USA.

Freight will be quoted upon request when you indicate a particular quantity.