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Anti-Skid Thermoplastic Road Surfacing Material
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'Red-Tex' is suited for all types of roads where red coloured high friction surfacing material is required. It is particularly suitable for use on black-topped asphalt surfaces to mark pedestrian crosswalks, school-children crosswalks, taxi and bus stop lanes.

'Red-Tex' consists of a red pigmented thermoplastic polymer modified rosin ester binder with 100% red granite aggregate. The material is manually applied as hot, using a screed shoe.  Its finished surface thickness is 4mm to 6mm. 

'Red-Tex' has several advantages over cold-applied pavement marking materials:
- suited for both new and old paved surfaces.
- better cost effectiveness.
- rapid curing, typically 15 to 30 minutes.
- can repair and regulate existing surface defects such as potholes and wheel ruts.
- it is a lead-free product that retains its red colour for its extended service life, regardless of traffic volumes. 

Manufactured in Great Britain, and sold by the metric tonne (1000 kg). Packaged in 25 kg bags onto pallets, each pallet at 1 metric tonne net weight.
Also available in Green, Buff and Grey colours.

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Net Price is quoted in US Dollars. 
Ocean freight from Great Britain (LCL or FCL) will be quoted as a separate line item.