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Shipping Policies

TrafficSafetyExport.com almost always ships orders out as CIF (Incoterms 2000), which means Cost Insurance Freight.  This means that TrafficSafetyExport.com generally prepays the cost of shipping (including the cargo insurance) to get the goods delivered to your destination airport terminal or seaport terminal, and subsequently, our Commercial Invoice will include the CIF charge to you.  The CIF shipping costs would have been quoted to you in advance of placing the order. 

By shipping goods out as "CIF", any port handling costs at destination as well as Customs import clearance, any local storage or local delivery costs and any local taxes or import duties are the responsibility of you, the importing buyer of the goods.  

Some of our overseas customers prefer to have the freight costs borne on their own account with a particular freight forwarder or freight carrier, typically because their organization has a contracted freight tariff rate which they feel will be more economical.  In those situations, TrafficSafetyExport.com will quote on supplying products as either "Ex-Works" (EXW), or as Carriage Paid Through (CPT) to the final North American port of exit.  Quoting with CPT will include a ground freight charge to get the goods transported from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the particular North American port of final exit, such as Miami for example.  Transit and delivery times will vary, depending on where the goods are produced, inland distance to the port of final exit, schedules of freight carriers, whether the goods are shipped via air or ocean mode, and the destination port.  Goods shipped via air cargo from North America generally take 3 to 5 days for arrival at the destination airport.  Goods shipped intermodal via ground followed by ocean freight from North America to the Caribbean will generally take from 7 to 15 days in transit to the destination seaport terminal.  

TrafficSafetyExport.com is based in metropolitan Halifax, Nova Scotia in the region of Canada referred to as "Atlantic Canada".  The Port of Halifax is a major North American departure and entry-port for cross-Atlantic Ocean shipments.  As one of the busiest ports in North America, Halifax offers excellent freight connections by air, land and ocean to southern destinations in the USA and Caribbean region.  By air travel, Halifax is just a 1 hour 20 minutes flight from Boston (USA) and about 1 hour 45 minutes flight from New York.  Nova Scotia is in the Atlantic time-zone (same as Bermuda), which is 1 hour ahead of the Eastern time-zone (in the eastern USA).

"Distance is not a detriment to exporting!"   

Backorder Policy

At the customer's discretion, partial orders can be shipped out when ready, followed by a second shipment of the back-ordered items.  The Commercial Invoice on the first shipment will indicate that there are additional items to follow on a back-ordered shipment.  However, we have no control over whether you will incur additional Customs clearance charges from your country's Customs Department on the back-ordered shipment. 

We strive to keep you informed with accurate estimates of when back-ordered items will be ready for shipment, as well as updates on the transit of your shipments. 

Damaged Goods Policy

Acceptance of Terms.
TrafficSafetyExport.com (doing business as Fraser Export), reserves the right to accept or reject any orders, regardless of the manner in which the order is made.  We also reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you the customer.

Place of Sale.
Orders become valid, and the sale shall be deemed made in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, subject to the terms set forth herein, when accepted by TrafficSafetyExport.com (doing business as Fraser Export) in the aforementioned location.  Sales are subject to relevant laws of the Province of Nova Scotia and/or the Government of Canada, and some sales may be subject to relevant laws of the Government of the United States of America and possibly to other relevant foreign laws.  In the event of any dispute between Seller and Buyer, the venue shall be in the courts of Nova Scotia.  Any changes, modifications or revisions requested to your order after fabrication or fulfillment is underway shall only be valid when agreed to in writing by TrafficSafetyExport.com.  Any terms and conditions set forth in the buyer’s Purchase Order shall not materially alter the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Restrictions on the Sale of Specific Products.
Orders for international destinations (outside of the U.S.A.) of equipment, accessories and apparel for the Law Enforcement market are subject to review by the Export Compliance Department of the wholesale distributor, and will thus be processed in compliance with all United States International Trade Regulations.  All transactions are subject to screening against all published Denied Parties Listings made available by the United States Government.  This wholesale distributor restricts the sale of selected products such as, but not limited to, embroidered apparel, badges, nameplates, insignia, emblems, and collar pins that identify the holder or wearer as a member of any law enforcement or military agency.  Orders for such products must be submitted to TrafficSafetyExport.com on official departmental letterhead, and with a copy of official identification.  When you place an order for products that are subject to any legal restrictions, you warrant to us that you are authorized to make such a purchase, and you are in compliance with all relevant local, state/province and national laws of your country.  The wholesale distributor also reserves the right to request, through its reseller TrafficSafetyExport.com, that employment be verified of any person ordering such products. 

Sales Tax.
For Canadian customers, TrafficSafetyExport.com will charge the appropriate sales tax on orders of goods that are supplied from within Canada to the particular province or territory of the customer.
On orders shipped from Canada to the USA for American customers, sales tax is not levied.  A commercial invoice, NAFTA Certificate of Origin, and any other relevant export documents required by the freight forwarder will be supplied.
On orders shipped from either Canada or the USA to customers in other countries, sales tax is not levied.  A commercial invoice and Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED), and any other relevant export documents, will be supplied to the freight forwarder or freight carrier handling the export shipment from North America.

Prices on our Web-Site.
All prices are in United States Dollars (USD), and payments shall be made in US Dollars.  Although every effort is made to keep prices current and our web-site error free, a mistake may regrettably occur.  In the event of an error, we reserve the right to correct the error.