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vehicle license stickers
TrafficSafetyExport.com specializes in supplying motor vehicle registration and vehicle marking products to governmental departments in charge of motor vehicle and boat registrations for their jurisdiction. Reflective vehicle markings are needed by managers of motor vehicle fleets, such as governments or individual government departments, public safety organizations, municipal agencies such as schools, and public utilities authorities such as power/electric companies. 

We represent industry leading manufacturers of finished (i.e., "ready to issue") vehicle license plates, vehicle and boat license renewal stickers, and materials for the fabrication of vehicle number plates for official government issue.  

As an official supplier, TrafficSafetyExport.com also provides graphic design services and consultation on such matters as materials for fabrication of plates or stickers and suitable numbering configurations. Our objective is to supply vehicle registration plates and stickers that are durable, standardized, uniquely identifiable, legible and effective for governmental revenue control. 

License Validation / Renewal . . .
‘Security’ or ‘validation’ labels (i.e., stickers or decals) are issued by governmental departments for annual validation or renewal of vehicle registrations and vehicle safety inspections (i.e., road worthiness). Security labels can also be issued to regulate vehicle traffic (e.g., odd or even day motoring), to designate vehicle parking permits, to control inventory of physical assets, and other purposes. 

Other markets served (overseas) for 'validation' stickers:
•  overseas governments (national, municipal)
•  public utility corporations (telephone, electrical)
•  educational institutions - for vehicle parking
•  trade associations and private businesses.

Reflective conspicuity tapes . . to make vehicles more conspicuous!
Reflective 3M conspicuity tapes are also available for:
•  large trucks and trailers,
•  road construction machinery,
•  fire engines and ambulances,
•  school busses,
•  marine devices in harbours and marinas.

Does your Government manufacture Vehicle Number Plates locally?  We can supply:
•  Acrylic number plate blanks 
•  Reflective sheeting for number plates
•  Thermal printer machines and related software
•  Tools and dies for producing embossed metal License Plates.

Other types of embossed metal tags (plates or markers) available:
•  Number tags (markers) for inventory of power/utility poles
•  Number tags (markers) for inventory of mobile equipment at airports and seaports
•  Number plates for fishing boat registrations 
For more information or a Quote on any of these Products:  . . . e-mail us at:  info@trafficsafetyexport.com   

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