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We Offer Superior Traffic Control Products for Your Traffic Needs

Traffic control products are used to guide and safely navigate motor vehicles in fast or slow moving traffic, or through road work zones, or to a stationary position in vehicle parking areas. These traffic control products include traffic cones, delineator/channelizer posts, bollards, exterior convex mirrors, speed humps, rumble strips, rubber curbs, vehicle stops for car parks, and traffic spikes for controlling vehicular access into and out of car parks. 

Traffic control devices from TrafficSafetyExport.com are manufactured by leading companies in the North American transportation safety industry. The traffic cones, for example, contain innovative features that make them superior to other cones in the market. The speed humps are fabricated from recycled rubber, can conform to uneven road surfaces and are easily installed. 

TrafficSafetyExport.com has affiliations with major wholesalers that enables us to offer competitive pricing and an order fulfillment timeframe on these traffic control devices that will meet your budget and deadlines. And for larger orders, we can pass the high volume discount on to you, the end user government agency or contractor. 

Examples of ‘traffic control device’ products available are:

  • Traffic Cones.
  • Speed Bumps and Speed Humps. 
  • Exterior Traffic Mirrors.
  • Traffic Spikes (for car parks).
  • Vehicle Stops.
  • Delineator Posts (channelizer posts). 
  • Reflective Markers (for posts and guardrails).
  • Traffic bollards

To order:  For those products with Net prices indicated, scroll down to the 'Shopping Cart' below the product description.  Freight will be quoted separately.

To request a Quote: click on the link in the Product description for those products that do not have prices indicated. Freight will be quoted separately.

Do you need a 'traffic control device' product not shown here?
Simply inquire via phone, fax or e-mail, or use our 'Request for Quote' form. Please include as much information as possible so that we can respond with a Quotation.  

For further information on traffic control devices, please contact us at info@trafficsafetyexport.com.

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