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We Offer Competitive Pricing on Our High Quality Law Enforcement Equipment

TrafficSafetyExport.com can supply numerous types of products for Law Enforcement organizations in its overseas markets of the Caribbean and elsewhere. These products are developed mainly for enforcing motor vehicle compliance and traffic safety. We also offer safety apparel, accessories and regalia for Law Enforcement uniforms. With increasing vehicular traffic, violations of motoring and pedestrian laws, and other criminal acts, Royal Police Forces need to use modern police car equipment for carrying out their duties of upholding public safety, abiding of laws and efficient traffic control.   

TrafficSafetyExport.com has affiliations with major wholesalers in North America that enables us to offer these top quality Law Enforcement equipment with competitive pricing and an order fulfillment timeframe that will meet your budget and deadline. For larger orders, we can pass the high volume discount on to your Law Enforcement organization. 

Featured Police Vehicle Equipment products available to overseas Police, Ports Police, Environmental Police, Fire and Security agencies are:  
•  Lightbars for Police vehicles.
•  Window Tint Meters.
•  Radar Speed Detection Devices.
•  Radar Speed Displays (portable and stationary).
•  Portable roll-up ‘Accident Scene’ signs.
•  Reflective insignia and markings, custom-printed for your Police vehicles. 

Accessories available for Law Enforcement agencies:
•  Badge holders, badge cases, badge wallets and nameplates.
•  Vehicle inspection (undercarriage) mirrors.
•  Barrier tapes and measuring wheels for accident or crime scenes.
•  LED traffic batons, traffic director lights and lightsticks, triangle kits.
•  A-frame portable barricades.
•  Handheld ‘STOP/SLOW’ sign paddles.
•  and more . . . Inquire!

To order:  For those products with Net prices shown, simply scroll down to the 'Shopping Cart' form below the product description. 

To request a Quote: Click on the link in the Product description for those products that do not have prices indicated. Freight will be quoted separately.

Do you need law enforcement equipment or accessories not shown here?
Simply inquire via phone, fax or e-mail, or use our 'Request for Quote' form.  Please include as much information as possible so that we can respond with a Quotation.  

For further information, please contact us at info@trafficsafetyexport.com.

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