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Do you supply other products besides those shown on this web-site?

Yes.  There are hundreds of products and materials manufactured by companies serving the transportation safety markets and government markets.  Our web-site shows just some of the more common products requested.  With our affiliations and contacts throughout North America, we can source almost any type of product needed for your government transportation projects, whether direct to you the governmental agency or your designated private sector contractor. 
Simply contact us for information and a Quotation (in US Dollars) if you need a product not shown on our web-site. 

Can you supply custom-manufactured products? 

Yes.  TrafficSafetyExport.com specializes in being able to supply custom-fabricated products.  This can include such products as road traffic signage, airport signage, and custom-printed reflective markings for fleets of government vehicles.  Some of our affiliated supply sources are leaders in producing custom-fabricated or custom-printed finished products.  We also enjoy the challenge of providing you with a superior quality, custom manufactured product that you may not be able to find elsewhere.  If you have only a simple illustration, sketches or copy of a design for your custom product, we can take that and subsequently send you a professional design proof for your approval prior to fabrication.   

How long does it take to manufacture and supply products to overseas customers? 

That depends on the type of product, and the distance from our supply source to you the end user customer.  Generally, manufactured products already in stock with our affiliated wholesalers can be ready for shipping out within 5 to 10 business days from placing the order.  Transit time to Caribbean destination ports from the final North American port of exit, for example, is generally 3 to 5 business days via air cargo shipments, and 5 to 7 days via ocean vessel shipments.

On custom manufacturing orders, generally we can have the product available for shipping out from 2 to 3 weeks (sometimes 4 weeks) after the order is placed.  The typical transit times, as stated by the freight carrier, will then prevail, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

TrafficSafetyExport.com strives to provide you a reasonably accurate timeframe prior to you placing the order, so that you know what to expect.  Subsequently, when the order is placed, we strive to meet those expectations, encouraging our wholesalers or custom fabricators to meet those timeframes. 

Can you change the custom design or custom specifications of a product after we have placed an order? 

That will depend on the type of product being custom fabricated or custom printed, as well as the amount of time that has elapsed since the order was placed.  On all custom orders, TrafficSafetyExport.com provides you with a design proof and product specifications (typically sent via e-mail attachment), which we ask you to approve prior to getting the order underway.  In any case, we will seriously consider each request for last-minute design changes, and inform you promptly as to whether such late changes can be accommodated prior to custom fabrication or custom printing.  Our intent is to provide you the top quality product that you expect and will subsequently be pleased with. 

How are orders shipped out to customers? 

Generally, the type of product, as well as the overall cubic volume and weight of all goods on the order shipment will determine whether the shipment will travel via air cargo, air courier or containerized on an ocean vessel.  For example, large orders of road traffic signs, sign posts, traffic paint and glass beads will almost always travel inside a container on an ocean vessel.  Smaller orders of traffic signs and many other smaller volume products can usually be shipped via air cargo.  If the customer expresses urgency to take delivery of the order and is willing to pay the higher freight charges, we will ship the goods out via an air courier such as Federal Express. 
TrafficSafetyExport.com will propose the most suitable mode of shipping in its Price Quote, unless you the customer have a specific preference that is indicated in dialogue (via phone, fax or e-mail) prior to quoting.  We have accounts with several major freight carriers and freight forwarders for both air and ocean shipments.  And we will strive to offer you a freight rate (in US Dollars) that will meet your timeline expectations and budget. 

Why are prices not shown for some of your products?

For products that have to be custom fabricated for a particular customer (rather than as 'stock' items off-the-shelf), we use the Quotation system to provide you a price quote from the 'Request for Quote' that you submit to us via phone, fax or e-mail.  Several factors determine the quoted price . . . notably the quantity of the item, the mix of products on the complete requisition, the amount of custom fabrication or custom design involved, the timeframe or urgency required by the customer, stocking levels or commodity costs for raw materials at the manufacturer, and even currency exchange rates.  The quotation system enables us to obtain the most economical costing from the manufacturers or their wholesale distributors so that we can offer our customer the best price (in US Dollars).