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TrafficSafetyExport.com is an international supplier of products for the transportation sector, used mainly in traffic safety, road works, vehicle licensing, and law enforcement.   We specialize in exporting road traffic signage, sign posts, interior way-finding signage, roadway markings, traffic control devices, equipment and accessories for Law Enforcement organizations, reflective vehicle markings, and products for motor vehicle and boat registrations.  

Our company has 11 years of exporting experience since we were established in 1998 as Fraser Export.  At that time, we were supplying products to governmental vehicle licensing authorities on some Caribbean islands.  This led to supplying road traffic signage to overseas governments.  As demand and inquiries increased, other product lines have been added during the past few years.  Customers are government agencies, airport and seaport authorities, law enforcement and public safety organizations, private businesses, importers and contractors throughout the Caribbean region and the island nations of the South Pacific region.
Although our focus is mainly in these two regions, TrafficSafetyExport.com has the capability to export anywhere throughout the world and also welcomes inquiries from within Canada, the USA and anywhere overseas.  We have the flexibility to ship international orders out from ports along the eastern seaboard of North America, ranging from Halifax to Miami, using global air and ocean freight carriers that offer efficient and economical service to the Caribbean region and to the lesser-populated Pacific islands. 

TrafficSafetyExport.com supplies products made only by leading manufacturers and fabricators -- all of whom are well-established and reputable companies in their particular industry serving the transportation sector in Canada and the USA.  As an authorized reseller to overseas importers or end users, our objective is to meet our customers’ expectations for top quality products that serve their purpose, with competitive prices, and including freight costs that offer timely delivery within your budget. 

If you require retro-reflective products:  . . . TrafficSafetyExport.com is a 3M authorized exporter of all product lines from 3M Company’s Traffic Safety Systems Division with distribution rights to certain islands in the Caribbean region including Bermuda.

New Product Lines: . . . TrafficSafetyExport.com is always adding new product lines that can be exported to countries overseas, thus meeting the demands of customers who cannot readily obtain such essential products locally for upgrading their transportation safety and enforcement infrastructure.  

Special or Unique Products: . . . Do you need special or unique products that are not shown on our web-site and may be difficult to find?  We enjoy the challenge of sourcing such hard-to-find products or developing custom products to meet your unique specifications.  Simply contact us by phone, fax or e-mail and we will respond with a Quotation (in US Dollars) for supplying.

When you buy from TrafficSafetyExport.com, your products or materials come with the quality, durability, workmanship and warranty you would expect from industry leaders that we represent.

Our mission is to make importing easier for you by serving as your “one-stop shopping” supplier of top-quality products from North America.